Honors and Awards

Spa Collection has won numerous awards in Hong Kong beauty Industry:

  • 《KMB RoadShow》Best Loved Brand Award- Beauty and Slimming Services 2012
  • 《Capital CEO》Supreme Service Award 2011
  • 《East Week》Outstanding Corporate Strategy Award 2011
  • 《Weekend Weekly》Ready Go 2011 – 2012 Beauty Services Award
    「Most Popular Breast Enlargement Award(Supreme)」
  • 《Weekend Weekly》Ready Go2010Beauty Services Award
    「Most Popular Beauty Centre(Supreme)」
  • 《Sister Beauty Pro》Supreme and Professional Beauty Centre 2009 - 2013
  • 《Weekend Weekly》Ready Go2009 Beauty Services Award
    「Most Popular Beauty Centre(Out Standing)」
  • 《Weekend Weekly》Ready Go2009 Beauty Services Award
    「Top Ten Outstanding Corporate Strategy Award」
  • 《East Week》Outstanding Corporate Strategy Award 2009